It's our responsibility to protect the world we live in, and when we stand together, we can be a more powerful force for change. That's why we only use sustainably grown hemp, ethical sourcing and harvest from small farms to help support growing local communities.

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Our Pledge
Our company is founded on respect—for our people, our process & our planet. As a member of the 1% for the Planet community, we vow to donate 1% of our annual sales to help fund environmental nonprofit organizations taking initiative all around the world. 



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Small Crop

Big Agriculture, also known as Industrialised farming, controls around 80% of the market. Huge quantities of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, hormones are used. Enormous areas from 200 to 2million acres are industrially farmed using mechanical methods that are not kind to our planet. Cropping on such a huge scale disrupts the local biological diversity and systems to a devastating degree. Big Agriculture is the single largest contributor to the global climate crisis and for hemp/ cannabis cultivation it is simply unnecessary.

At oHHo, we use small farms, cultivating areas between 20-40 acres. This scale allows for a more human and less industrial farming process, where each plant can be individually nurtured by hand. Sustainable & regenerative farming practices meet today’s needs but not at the expense of natural resources & future generations. Our farmers have a passion for sustainably growing CBD plants and share our mission of growing the highest quality crop while showing a little love to the planet.


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As we all know by now, waste has a hugely negative impact on the environment. Reducing our carbon footprint through mindful practices is the least we can do to preserve our planet. That’s why everything but our dropper [we're working on it...] from the kraft tube down to the shipper is sustainable, eco-friendly & recyclable. We work closely with all our partners to ensure every piece of our product meets the standard of being sustainable and/or eco-friendly.