Start Low Go Slow.

Hemp Dosage Guide

oHHo Hemp oil dosage guide



This oil utilizes the whole plant to great effect. NEW YORK offers a rich concentration of hemp derived cannabinoids & terpenes. If you’re new to hemp, following our suggested dosage will help you to discover what works for you. Start Low Go Slow...and trust your body, you know you best. We recommend starting with .25mL & working your way up. Doses up to 1mL can be taken several times a day. For best results, do not exceed 3mL in 24 hours.



Different size, same concentration.



oHHo Hemp Dosage



Finding the right CBD dosage for your needs takes experimenting and if you are a CBD beginner, you may be nervous to take those first few drops. Here at oHHo, we are all about education and rest assured that every bottle of oHHo comes with a dosing guide to help you get started. Here is what some of our oHHo family members have to say about finding their oHHo:


“I have been using oHHo for about 2 months and I'm in love! It helps me wind down after a long day at the office and even helps me stay zen during the day when i'm feeling stressed. The package comes with a super helpful insert that talks all about the product and where it comes from. It even explains how to take your CBD dosage in a way that works for you. oHHo has become an easy addition to my daily routine that I can feel good about.”


“I have tried a few different CBDs on the market and none have compared to oHHo. You can tell by the taste, branding and of course the results that oHHo is a high quality CBD tincture. I have had issues falling asleep for as long as I can remember. Since using oHHo, I have been falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. oHHo has also helped me manage my anxiety. I was nervous to use the product at first but they make finding your desired dose easy and give clear instruction. I find that 1mL helps me fall sleep while 0.75ml is the perfect dosage for anxiety management.”