"They work great on my pup. She’s a 9.5 year old chi/ minpin mix, has lots of anxiety but with these treats she calms down. Love the product, it’s only one that works for my dog! 🐕"
-Lori T.


Four Reasons Why Dogs and Owners are Obsessed with Moe's Dog Biscuits:

Our Calming Treats Actually Work:

"Been using the biscuits for about a week now and I can definitely tell a difference in the behavior of my “crazy” dog. She seems much more calm than ever before. Just ordered more!" -Lynn W.

Many of our customers have shared their frustrations with shopping at other full spectrum brands.

We hear time and again that these dog treats significantly help to ease anxiety, create calm energy, and lessen stress around thunderstorms and fireworks. oHHo's full spectrum biscuits perform better than most other full spectrum brands, and people love that this all natural product is safe and healthy for their pets. 


They Help with Mobility:

"My 11 year old pit Molly has done great on these biscuits! She has arthritis in her back legs and used to limp but now she plays like a puppy!"
-Tammie B.

No one likes to see our pets in pain. These full spectrum treats help to alleviate pain due to arthritis, injury, or aging; helping them to live like pups again.

They Taste Great:

"My dogs go absolutely bonkers for these biscuits! They love the peanut butter flavor!"
-Cathy V.

We have yet to meet a dog who doesn't go absolutely crazy for these peanut butter treats. 


They're A Cure for Fireworks:

"I bought a pack of the dog Biscuits at the street fair, knowing 4th of July was right around the corner. I had my sons 2 Basset Hounds for the week, along with my 3 dogs. I usually dread this week. I gave the dogs a treat about 8pm and all 5 of them could have cared less about the Fireworks. Will definitely be buying more." -Theresa C.

We all dread the times of the year when fireworks, thunderstorms, or separation anxiety send our dogs into a spiral. These full spectrum hemp treats work wonders to ease stress and create calm for our pets.


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