This Recovery Balm is a best seller for a reason.
Find out why:

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Three Reasons The Recovery Balm is Our Bestseller:

Ours actually works:

"I’ve tried about 8 different types of relief balm and this one actually works! I have RA and when I rub this into my joints and feet in the morning, I notice significantly less pain throughout my day, even when I walk 4-5 miles." -Lynn B.

Many of our customers have shared their frustrations with shopping at other full spectrum and topical brands.

We hear time and again that this recovery balm significantly helps to ease aches and pains. Especially when compared to other full spectrum brands, and people love that this all natural product doesn't have the harsh chemicals of most prescription topicals. 


Sleep better with less pain:

"While suffering through Shingles, a very good friend sent me this little bottle with the simple instruction to "use it" and desperate for any relief, immediately did. Nerve damage is deep, deep pain and could not see how something applied to the surface could possibly help BUT the first time I slept through the night was all the explanation I needed! I have since used it for every pain related issue (like Shingrix, RSV and COVID shot relief) but as a side benefit, I LOVE the smell, which is incredibly cooling and comforting. Love it!"
-Diane F.R.

We've been there: not being able to sleep due to muscle, joint, or nerve pain can feel completely debilitating. Finally get the rest you deserve with our best-selling Recovery Balm. 


Fast Acting Pain Relief:

"I bought this balm to help with my chronic shoulder pain and I’ve never used something that’s worked so fast! It gives me immediate relief and I am so impressed. Will be back for more and can’t wait to try the other products!" -Gigi B.

No nore waiting around for pain medication to kick in. Rub this soothing balm into your neck, hands, feet, back, or anywhere experiencing pain, to feel instantaneous relief that lasts throughout the day. 


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