Why are people so obsessed with this?


Three Reasons Why We Can't Keep Our Dream Cream in Stock:

It actually works:

"I got this for my husband who has arthritis in both hands. I massage this in for him and it helps with the stiffness and pain." -Pattie H.

Many of our customers have shared their frustrations with shopping at other full spectrum topical brands.

We hear time and again that this dream cream helps to ease aches and pains, and usually better than chemical-filled alternatives or other brands.


It creates instant pain relief:

"This silky smooth cream works wonders on my hands which suffer from arthritis, especially in winter. I can put the cream on and within just minutes, the pain is eased. I will always want to have this cream on hand not only for my hands, but for any other part of me where I feel discomfort or pain." -Carole C.

No nore waiting around for pain medication to kick in. Rub this soothing cream on your hands -or anywhere experiencing aches- to feel instantaneous pain relief.


It helps improve sleep:

"This incredibly hydrating cream is also the best smelling cream I have ever owned. I have it on my nightstand and put it on before bed every night. It’s incredibly calming and helps to relax my muscles in my hands and wrists from excessive computer use. My fiancé loves the smell and curls up next me after I put it on like a puppy.All around a fantastic product!" -Joann C.

Ease yourself to sleep and soothe tired muscles with the Dream Cream. The scent is perfectly formulated to ease your mind to sleep, while the full spectrum hemp soothes achey muscles.


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