"Finally! A night time gummy that actually works, helps me stay asleep all night, and tastes incredible. I can't imagine a night without them."
-Bekah R.


Three Reasons Why We Can't Keep Our Blackberry Hush Dots in Stock:

They actually work:

"I got these for my partner and I to try before sleep, we have never slept better! These are way better than melatonin, love the calm ethereal feeling before bed." -Ellie H.

Many of our customers have shared their frustrations with shopping at other full spectrum D9 brands.

We hear time and again that these gummies help to create a sense of calm, and ease people to sleep better than chemical-filled alternatives or other brands.


Wind down without the hangover:

"I have finally accepted the fact that choosing to have even one drink at night means choosing to not be able to stay asleep. These gummies have really helped me stop reaching for a glass of wine and I'm able to sleep soundly all night." -Jamie C.

Wind down for the night without the guilt of a drink or anxiety hangover the next day. These gummies are a perfect solution to anyone looking to cut back on drinking during the week or before bed.


Fall asleep and stay asleep:

"I am blown away. These work even better than melatonin for helping me fall asleep and stay asleep all night."
-Zoe M.

Ease yourself to sleep and actually stay asleep with these calming gummies. They taste like dessert and are a great way to end the night. Plus, many of our customers say they are better for their sleep health than most sleep aid alternatives.

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